Wednesday, November 17

Fun Times With My Roommate

I hope you all learn that having a college roommate isn't all that bad!
(Thanks, Kierra, for making us look like fools!)

Monday, October 25

Get It Together

So this week feels like the world plus the other planets have been on my shoulders. Everyday there was stress on top of my stress. I felt like I was behind on my school work and didn't remember the important things. It's funny because  I normally stay on top of it. When you're in college you need to STAY ON TOP OF YOUR WORK!! Slacking leads to the stress like I have. If you need a tutor, get one! If you need extra sleep, get some! If you need help setting a good schedule set for you, GET THE HELP!! Trust me once you get yourself together you'll be all set.

~~~Peace with two fingers~~~~

Tuesday, September 21

Hello to all my new followers and readers. As you read (or should've read) my name is Sage and Sahjay is a nickname I picked up from back home in DC. I'm not much of writing or typing person...I like my creativity to be shown. I do creative things for laughs, entertainment, and so people can listen to listen what I have to say. So with that being said, me actually typing a blog on here will be seldom. Right now I'm making a music video to discuss how I was told before I got to college about the friends I'm going to make, classes, and all that. Chilld!! It’s going to be something that will make you lmao. I don't want to disclose too much information because it's going to ruin the surprise. ALL MY READERS PAY ATTENTION!!! I'M GOING TO WORK HARD FOR YOU SO YOU CAN BE UPDATED BUT AT THE SAME TIME ENTERTAINED... until next time!